Braun Epilator Reviews – Help In Buying That New Epilator

Looking for a best way to get rid of hairs?  We have an answer, people are opting for epilation for hair removal. There are various kind of best epilators in 2017 available with lots of features.  Perhaps you have also read one of the many Braun epilator reviews which are viral on the internet. Braun has been a leader in the personal care and grooming industry for many years. The company was started by a mechanical engineer called Max Braun in Germany in 1921. They started out producing parts for radios and by the end of the 1920s had become one of the leading producers of radios, and later, record players.

It was not until 1954 that Braun introduced a line of electric shavers – probably what they are most famous for today. When looking at a product it’s good to know the background of a company, I think, because with a company like Braun their long history proves that they are a well-established company who know what they are doing.  Germany has long been renowned for high quality products, and that’s probably why people give top marks to their epilators in Braun epilator reviews.

Of course, the technology behind epilator vs shaving is totally different since beginning. When a majority share of Braun was acquired by the Gillette Group, Braun began to focus on small consumer appliances, such as shavers, coffee makers, radios and clocks. In 1998, Braun became a privately held company.

The first epilators functioned by a series of flexible springs, which basically dragged the hair from the skin.  If you ever used one, you probably swore you would never use one again – it was so painful.  But look at the Braun Epilator reviews there are no such complaints, women are very happy with their Braun epilators, especially as there is such a large choice – one to suit every type of hair.