Hotel Furniture

Whether going on vacation, dinner or lunch on a special day, a day out with family and friends or a business meeting or conference, the choice of hotel is important. Comfort ranks highly when it comes to the choice of the hotel and part of this is informed by the choice of furniture. For hoteliers, it is extremely important to purchase high quality furniture for your hotel. Here is why.

The hotel industry is very dynamic as the client preferences change over time. As a result, hotels have to keep innovating and changing to satisfy these needs. Once great way to change the hotel and the experience it offers is by changing the furniture. Investing in new furniture is a capital intensive activity that may be beyond the reach for most hotels. However, if the hotel had initially invested in high quality restored furniture, this can be restored to give the hotel a new look. 

Comfort and ambience

Imagine sitting through a meal in an uncomfortable seat or attending an important conference or meeting in a hotel where the furniture provides low comfort. Uncomfortable furniture crates a poor experience and minimises the rate at which clients refer other people to your hotel or even come back another time. Furniture plays an important role in enhancing the comfort of any facility and should therefore be chosen wisely. Remember that the hotel is likely to be used by people of all heights, age, different levels of fitness, and weight and therefore, if furniture is adjustable to their needs, the better. Alternatively, the hotel could have special furniture to cater for people with special needs.

The furniture you choose also creates a certain ambience and impression especially on the target client. A luxurious, comfort, fun and sombre environment can all be created using furniture, fixtures and fittings. As a hotelier, it is therefore important to decide the kind of environment you would like to create, something that should be determined by the target clientele, before you embark on the furniture shopping journey.


the furniture colour, the design, the patterns on the fabrics, the quality of fabric and other parts all have an effect on the overall style and elegance of the hotel. As you purchase furniture, you should keep this in mind. Working with an interior designer will assist in picking out the best pieces that will create the style and look you would like. The designer will assist you in choosing items that complement each other's style.


A hotel is a public place that has a lot of traffic all year round. The different users treat the furniture differently which means that the wear and tear rate for hotel furniture is higher than for private spaces. This is why you should choose furniture that is made from durable materials as it minimises the rate at which the furniture is replaced. Remember that you can also restore high quality furniture for the hotel but cheap and low quality furniture will give you poor quality restored furniture which is not good for the hotel.

Keep maintenance in mind

Due to regular use by different people, hotel furniture requires high level maintenance in order to retain their shape, colour, glossy look and their stability. The choice of furniture dictates how often they need maintenance services. You should determine how much money your hotel is willing to use for maintenance and repairs annually, the number of personnel you are likely to hire for the job and the tools required before you select furniture. Remember that metallic furniture wooden furniture and furniture made from different synthetic materials require different levels and frequency of maintenance services.

The importance of furniture in a hotel cannot be overemphasised. All hotels must therefore give utmost importance to the choice of furniture. In fact, involving an experienced interior designer and furniture expert is advisable in order to create the best experience for the guests and the hotel staff.